About Me

Since I took my first multimedia course in high school, I knew I wanted to be a maker. I remember staying up late rendering Flash animations and playing them for the entire school on closed circuit TV. Making things has always given me a sense of satisfaction that I could never find elsewhere. It is that feeling of accomplishment combined with an understanding that I can make an impact in the world that fuels my drive to find my next challenge.

In addition to designing, I devote part of my time to learning new technologies. Tinkering with programming languages and prototyping tools helps me appreciate the product development process a little bit better when I understand all the steps involved. My next goal is to learn Swift so that I can launch my own language learning app.

When I am away from my desk, I am usually traveling. I believe learning about other cultures helps us understand more about ourselves. I have come to appreciate that we all solve problems differently based on our understanding and the resources at our disposal. This has lead me to develop a deeper sense of compassion and a desire to understand those for whom I design.

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